Trailer Conversions

Weatherweave Limited is the UK's leading specialist in trailer conversions.

Over generations Weatherweave have produced quality and long lasting products in a range of industries from motor sport to horticulture.

Trailer conversions feature the highest specification PVC covers which are fire retardant to a British Standard, anti fungal with a lacquered finishand have an easy clean surface. As the PVC weight is 650gsm, it is not too heavy yet heavy enough to be durable and long lasting.

The frame is a zinc plated steel assembly, fully demountable and designed to move in sympathy with the trailer bed. With only an average overall extra weight added to the trailer of approximately 100KG's (This includes the cover).All the parts that are used have a high a industrial specification and are designed to last; with clever intuitive designs like our hidden zip system that helps to prevent road dirt clogging up the zip.

The different ranges of conversions available are the value range (Competition), an eco-friendly range (Eco-Race) and a professional range (Professional).

Choose from a variety of standard colours or for a premium choose from the special bespoke colour range PVC. Graphics and artwork are available whether it be a simple logo or a complete wrap. The printing process is completed prior to the cover being joined and finished.

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I purchased a new professional cover for a Brian james A max trailer a few months ago and I recall you asked for some feedback and photo's so here goes. --The cover is very watertight with no ingress at all even thru the a max tie down holes in very wet weather --The white roof is really good and even in the dark with my flood lit drive I can see inside the trailer --I have had a number of people ask about and admiring the cover so I have given them your contact --Overall I am very pleased with the cover

-regards, Bruce Balchin