Vehicle Awnings

VEHICLE AWNING: .....Motorsport, Motorhomes, Light Goods Vehicles and Artic's.

Truck silver/white awning VXR multi-span Two-tone vehicle awning L-shape Van awning

As already stated, weatherweave manufacture a range of vehicle awnings, predominantly in the motorsport industry, However all our vehicle awnings can be replicated and manufactured for just about any vehicle and for a range of applications.

The basic concept of our vehicle awnings, right from the orginal models decades ago, to todays designs have all had every aspect individually designed, manufactured and tested before being released into the public domain. Ensuring that quality and safety can be maintained whilst being able to work to stringent budgets.


TJ Motorsport Safety Storm Bar Sky Light  DPR Motorsport 

Motorsport is one of the most competitive industries around and has a high profile in the public eye, so it is a necessity that every aspect involved looks the part and equally performs beyond expectations.

Thats why weatherweave race and motorsport awnings are built to last, they are designed to be flexible, relatively easy to construct and look great in the paddock. In addition every  motorsport awning manufactured is built to comply with fire safety regulations and each awning (excluding single bays) are fitted with storm bars as standard to ensure they can safely cope with any adverse weather conditions.


For professional or private use: Our motorhome awnings are built using the same basic concepts of all our awnings, but are alot strudier than the wind-out options out there. There is no need for an unsightly cassette box being fixed to your vehicle or being built in either. Just small stainless steel barckets that the awning is attached to when constructed. 

Success Stories

Just a quick line to thank you all very much for the awning you supplied for us. It has now had a couple of outings, all is well, and it has been much admired. Many thanks.

-John Gordon-Finlayson