Equestrian Awnings

Equestrain awnings and shade units:


The Equine awning (EQA-mk1) is manufactured to be fitted to all types of transporter and horsebox. It has been designed to provide maximum cover possible for horse and rider from the ever-changing weather.

Weatherweave has taken great time in developing an awning that would be fit for use in the equestrian industry. The focus has been on developing the awning to ensure structural stability, but also with the flexibility to adjust and/or adapt the awning at anytime in varying conditions.

Internal panels (hard or soft) can be manufactured to create a portable stable unit within the awning and each unit created is bespoke to you, your horse and the transporter/horsebox’s requirements, making it completely customised and letting you have control over the end result.

Success Stories

VIA Weatherweave Facebook Link:

Alex, The awning did well at Cadwall Park the other week. Force 8 and driving rain on the Thursday night. Dry as a bone and intact. Cheers.
28 July 2010 at 22:47

-Rob Willshire