All About Awnings

So you’re looking at purchasing an awning? 


Obviously as Weatherweave have been around for decades, we understand such a purchase is not a light decision, so when a choice is made, we know that people want to purchase quality but do not want to pay an excessive amount for it.

Every awning we build is custom, as we know that every vehicle and requirements vary from client to client. As already mentioned on this site, we believe that quality and safety must come first. So our technical and creative team work in conjunction so that it not only looks the part, but also is a strong, safe and easy product to use.

We know that there are various methods and types of awnings available on the market but we also know that these are not always the best option, which is why we use specific manufacturing methods for design and construction.

The materials and parts we use are all researched and tested thoroughly to ensure we are using the best that can be sourced. The PVC used for our awnings is 650g/m2; it is manufactured to be low wick, which protects the PVC from breaking down and enables it to be safeguarded against fungus and bacteria, Our materials are all  compliant with fire safety regulations and are M2 fire rated. Each awning also comes with a fire retardant certificate and welded panel.

Generally the frame used is a modular design and is built from a choice of our two custom-designed lightweight but strong anodised aluminium profiles. Furthermore, our awning build time is reduced by expert design and majority of the awning has interchangeable bars for ease of assembly, thus making the other components easier to use.

Additionally, the PVC is UV stabilised, has a gloss lacquered finished for ease of cleaning and comes in a range of colours including silver, all this ensures the product maintains its durability and appearance over time.Again, as with any awning, we can supply and manufacture a range of accessories to adapt or add to the awning, making it stand out from the rest.

Success Stories

VIA Weatherweave Facebook Link:

Alex, The awning did well at Cadwall Park the other week. Force 8 and driving rain on the Thursday night. Dry as a bone and intact. Cheers.
28 July 2010 at 22:47

-Rob Willshire